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Security Education Center

Keep cyber-criminals and identity thieves out of the picture. Let us be your trusted advisor in making sure your personal data and business’s private information are kept secure. Educate yourself with the free courses below. They’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your private information private.


Familiarizes you with the risk background and threat landscape

  • How does cyber-crime occur?
  • What threats do you face daily?
  • What basic ways can you protect your information?


Teaches risk management and reduction

  • How can you reduce the risk of malware?
  • How should you protect sensitive information?
  • What precautions should you take when sending messages?


Outlines how to manage a negative event

  • What are the malware “red flags?”
  • What roles do popups, spam and website links play?
  • How should you manage a malware attack?

View the Security Education Center Courses

These tools are designed to be a starting point for your company in your overall security approach. While no one resource can completely prevent cyber-crime, MetaBank is here to provide resources and act as a trusted advisor for your business as you strive for safer online computer use. The content presented here should be used in conjunction with recommendations from your company’s own legal and security advisors.


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