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You can feel confident that your information is secure with us. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself from threats, scams, identity theft and viruses.


Our Security Education Center offers free courses on managing your own security.

  • Learn about the basics of cyber-crime, and be aware of daily threats
  • Discover tools for keeping your communications safe
  • Manage the threat of viruses and malware

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Keep your information safe when online – keep in mind:

  • Social networking over a mobile phone can tempt hackers seeking out information attached to your mobile number
  • Use strong, complex passwords – and change them often
  • Check for “https” in the address bar – it’s more secure than a standard “http” when browsing sensitive, private information
  • Avoid online banking on a public computer or public Wi-Fi – it exposes you to theft
  • Keep your antivirus software up-to-date – don’t let more than three years go by without buying a new edition
  • Install updates to your software – from Adobe Reader to your Windows programs, update your applications as often as possible
  • Password-protect your mobile devices – they’re loaded with personal data such as email addresses, photos, phone numbers and social networking logins
  • Banks won’t ask for private information over email 


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