Our payments division, Meta Payment Systems (MPS), is one of the founders of the prepaid industry and is consistently ranked one of the top prepaid card issuers in the nation.  MPS offers a complement of prepaid debit cards and other industry-related products and services that are marketed to consumers through financial institutions and an extensive network of partners on a nationwide basis and processes vast amounts of ACH payments daily.  Our ATM Sponsorship business sponsors nearly 70% (280,000) of all freestanding ATMs across the U.S.  MPS also provides regulatory expertise and dedicated client and partner support for all of its products and programs. 

For more information on MPS, please visit our website at www.metapay.com.

Tax Services

Our tax services divisions, EPS and Refund Advantage, provide an array of products and services to support electronic return originator (ERO) tax preparers that include refund transfer software, business advance loans and consumer tax refund advance loans on a nationwide basis.  Our tax refund program options allow EROs to provide taxpayers with their federal and/or state refund proceeds quickly and securely via a check printed in the tax preparer’s office, prepaid card, or ACH direct deposit. Our full-service program provides our EROs all the features, benefits, and revenue opportunities typically enjoyed only by the national chains.  

  • If you are a taxpayer who has a question about a product you received from H&R Block, please visit www.hrblock.com or call 1-866-353-1266.
  • If you are a taxpayer who has a question about a product you received from Jackson Hewitt, please visit www.jacksonhewitt.com or call 1-855-610-3057.

For more information on our Tax Services division, please visit our websites at www.epstax.net and www.refund-advantage.com.

National Lending

Our commercial finance division, which include Crestmark and AFS/IBEX, are business-to-business lenders who specialize in providing diverse financial solutions. Both were founded to provide financial solutions to the small-to-medium sized business sector that more traditional banks could not provide.   Our commercial finance product lines include asset-based lending, factoring, equipment financing, SBA/USDA loans, insurance premium finance and other commercial finance products offered on a nationwide basis.

For more information on our National lending division, please visit our websites at  www.crestmark.com and www.afsibex.com or email us at 

info@crestmark.com and Loans1@afsibex.com.

Consumer Lending

Our consumer finance division specializes in innovative credit product solutions sold through a network of partners.  Our closed-end installment loan products have terms that range from 18 – 84 months and our line of credit products generally have revolving terms of payments between six months to 60 months.

For additional information regarding our business lines please contact us at customerservice@metabank.com.