Who We Are

MetaBank®, N.A., a national bank, is a subsidiary of Meta Financial Group, Inc.® (Nasdaq: CASH), a South Dakota-based financial holding company. At Meta, our mission is Financial Inclusion for All®. We strive to remove barriers to financial access and promote economic mobility by working with third parties to provide responsible, secure, high quality financial products that contribute to the social and economic benefit of communities at the core of the real economy. Meta works to increase financial availability, choice, and opportunity for all.

Meta has many years of experience serving niche markets and operates in five primary business lines: Payments, Tax Services, Commercial Finance, Consumer Finance, and Meta Ventures. 

  • Payments works with fintechs, third-party providers, and various other organizations to distribute prepaid cards, deposit accounts, and payment related transactions.  
  • Tax Services increases choice for underbanked consumers by allowing them to receive refunds electronically, offering options to pay for tax preparations services, or providing access to liquidity while waiting for their refund to arrive. 
  • Commercial Finance helps America’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and some large businesses by providing flexible capital solutions such as factoring, asset-based lending, leasing, and government guaranteed lending. 
  • Consumer Finance gives consumers more control over their financial futures with empowered spending options and reliable access to funds.   
  • Meta Ventures provides capital to emerging and strategic companies that align with our mission and contribute to our goal of bringing financial inclusion to all.