Who We Are

Through our divisions, MetaBank provides financial services catered to the needs of our customers. We are a trusted advisor to our partners and clients providing innovative solutions in the markets we serve.  Our mission is ingrained in everything we do.

We are a leader in providing financial solutions to customers and businesses in underserved, niche markets. We believe in financial inclusion for all.

We serve consumers that are often overlooked by traditional banks.  We believe that everyone deserves to have access to the kind of financial products that most people take for granted. We are a leader in providing lower-income individuals access to financial products and services.  From grocery day to payday to tax day, our products serve as a primary transaction account for many underbanked customers. Our products also provide access to the financial system and offer the same kind of features, functionality, and safety as traditional banking products.

Our financing helps entrepreneurs build their dreams from the ground level, assists business in times of growth and the years that follow, and navigate through turbulent times.  In addition to helping clients, our employees are active volunteers in the community and teach financial literacy to adults and families in need, helping them to make sound financial decisions.


MetaBank was founded on a very simple premise: take good care of our employees and customers. On a February morning in Storm Lake, Iowa in 1954, Stanley Haahr opened the doors with nothing more than a desk, a cash box and a borrowed vault. The world of banking has changed a lot since then, but we try to always hold on to Stanley’s simple credo of taking care of people. Doing the right thing. It’s who we are and what we do.

In 2004, prepaid industry leader Brad Hanson approached former MetaBank CEO Tyler Haahr with a vision for a new kind of bank. Together, they created the Meta Payment Systems division. In a few short years, we became a top collaborator with market-leading partners and one of the top card issuers in the prepaid industry. We continue to push the forefront of payments as we focus on prepaid cards, credit cards, electronic funds transfer and ATM sponsorship.


2014 marked the beginning of an active mergers and acquisition period. We acquired AFS/IBEX in December 2014. This acquisition marked the entry of MetaBank into the insurance premium finance industry. Our strategy was to specifically grow our loan portfolio by leveraging the low-cost deposits brought in by the prepaid division.

The next acquisition came 11 months later in September 2015. We entered a new chapter in our history with the acquisition of Refund Advantage. Our tax division offers interest-free refund advances and tax refund-transfer solutions. It also provides a distribution channel for our other services.

We continued to invest in the tax industry with two acquisitions in 2016: EPS Financial in November and Specialty Consumer Services in December. These two acquisitions provided expanded exposure in the tax space. These include tax refund-transfer solutions, interest-free refund advance loans and electronic return originator loans.

Most recently, in August 2018, we completed our acquisition of Crestmark Bancorp, Inc. and Crestmark Bank. This acquisition expanded the scale and reach of the company into providing business-to-business commercial financing, such as asset-based lending, factoring, equipment financing and leasing, as well as SBA/USDA lending. These initiatives provide a great opportunity for future growth.


What makes us different? Two things: driving innovation and leading change. We’re passionate about financial success for all people using creative and innovative products and services. What started as a $10,000 investment in 1954 has evolved to a complex financial ecosystem whose goal is financial inclusion for all.