Ready for a change of scenery? MetaBank is hands-on when it comes to your home purchase, refinance, construction and land purchase needs. When you call, you can expect a live person to serve your lending needs. Plus you can use your home’s equity – the difference between what you owe and the market value of your home – for obtaining credit. And with a focus on community, MetaBank donates an hour of service to charity for every new home loan.


Offer you the varied, straightforward options to:

  • Choose your repayment speed – from 5- to 30-year terms1
  • Purchase or refinance a primary residence or second home
  • Lock in your rate for the life of the loan
  • Consolidate your debt for easier management

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Offer you the convenient options to:

  • Purchase or refinance your home with an interest rate that may be lower than a fixed-rate mortgage
  • Make a home purchase for your short-term job relocation or transfer
  • Buy your starter home with an intent to purchase a different home within a few years


Offer you the worry-free, best-fit options to:

  • Only pay interest on borrowed funds as you go
  • Find terms that best fit your building plan
  • Refinance your borrowed funds once construction is complete


Use the equity in your home to secure a line of credit that:

  • Makes credit available when you need it
  • Is used for long-term home improvement projects or larger expenses
  • Allows multiple advances for any purpose and flexible repayment options
  • Bases maximum borrowing limit on your home’s equity and other factors


Use the equity in your home to qualify for a loan that:

  • Has a fixed term and rate
  • Is used for home improvement projects or debt consolidation
  • Includes one advance repaid monthly over a predefined period

Home improvement loans

How it works

Finance a portion of your costs for home improvements with a MetaBank Home Improvement Loan2.

Borrow up to:

  •   60% of the cost for room additions
  •   50% of the cost for major remodeling projects
  •   40% the cost for of minor remodeling

How it can be used

Home improvement loans are used specifically for improvements to your property. 

Contact a Banker today to see if a Home Improvement Loan is the right product for you.


USDA home loan programs to:

  • Pay a low or $0 down payment
  • Finance with a stable, fixed-interest rate
  • Flexible credit guidelines
  • Use loan to buy, build, relocate, renovate or repair


Offer you the flexible, affordable options to:

  • Purchase land now and wait to build later
  • Structure your loan with regular, affordable payments
  • Easily transition into permanent mortgage financing

123-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Example:  The monthly payment on a $160,000 loan at 4.00% interest rate is $887.60.  The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 4.179%.  Payment does not include taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable.  Actual payment obligation may be greater.  Offer is subject to credit approval up to 80% loan-to-value.  A 20% down payment may be required.  Hazard and, if applicable, flood insurance required.  Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest.

A portion of the cost of improvements will be included with the current property value and used to determine the loan amount. Applications are subject to credit approval. Applies to owner occupied properties. This offer does not include non-permanent items such as furniture or decorations. Home values are determined on many variables, contact your lender for details.

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