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About MetaBank

At MetaBank, our mission is financial inclusion for all. Meta was founded on helping people and our success is built on serving as a trusted partner. We aim to create positive environmental, social and governance impacts alongside our partners while promoting an inclusive financial system.

Meta strives to remove barriers to financial access and promote economic mobility by working with third parties to provide responsible, secure, high quality financial products that contribute to the social and economic benefit of communities.  We rally around our mission of financial inclusion and our culture of Hungry, Humble and (People) Smart to increase financial availability, choice, and opportunity for all.

Meta Bank

Commitment to Human Rights

 At MetaBank, we believe that financial inclusion is a human right.

It is our responsibility to respect human rights, and we aim to prevent human rights impacts*.

We value integrity, trust, inclusion, and respect for our employees and the people with whom we work. We expect our employees uphold human rights for one another, our customers, our partners, and our community, including:

  • Prohibiting all forms of forced or compulsory labor
  • Ensuring we neither utilize child labor nor support human trafficking
  • Abiding by the National Labor Relations Act and respecting employees’ right to freedom of association
  • Providing safe and human working conditions for employees and requiring workplace safety procedures training
  • Encouraging employee well-being through benefits and support for community engagement

Many of these expectations are outlined in our Code of Business Conduct, which outlines ethical standards for all of our employees and Board members. Those expectations extend to companies with which we do business and organizations that help us advance financial inclusion for all. We aim to partner with organizations that share our values and our unwavering commitment to financial inclusion.

Should you have a concern about human rights, please contact the Meta Ethics Hotline at 866-297-5018 or Please direct any other questions to

*Meta’s approach to human rights aligns with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


Meta Bank
Employee Well-being

 It is vital that we attract, equip, and retain a diverse talent pool as we advance financial equity through solutions, innovation, and equitable options in the markets that we serve. To achieve that, we strive to make MetaBank an inclusive, safe, and healthy workplace with opportunities for growth, supported by strong compensation, benefits, and health and well-being programs.


Meta Bank
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

 We place immense value on the diversity of our employees, and we are proud of our commitment to treating our employees with dignity and respect through an inclusive work environment. We believe that diversity of backgrounds, thoughts and experiences in our organization leads to more innovative solutions for our customers and partners as we seek to understand the unique needs in the different markets that we serve. All employees are expected to contribute to a culture of mutual respect and inclusion, and we encourage a workplace culture that is free from discrimination, harassment, or any other form of abuse. Please see our Code of Business Conduct for more information.

Diversity: We prioritize cultivating a culture that promotes, supports, and respects diversity among our employees, customers, partners, and community, honoring their unique perspectives that enrich their experience at and with Meta.

Equity: We prioritize designing a workplace experience that recognizes people’s individual needs and meets those needs while establishing a structure and practices that facilitate equitable access and advancement in the areas important to them. For our customers and partners, we commit to identifying ways we can work with people to increase their economic mobility.

Inclusion: We prioritize creating a culture where our employees, customers and partners have a sense of belonging and feel valued in the ways that most resonate with them.


Meta Bank
Community Impact

 Meta is committed to creating lasting, positive change with and for the communities where we live and operate. We know we cannot do this work alone, so we collaborate with partners to eliminate barriers, transform systems, and strengthen communities from within. Our goal is to create lasting, positive change rooted in people, sustained by relationships, and unite families and communities.

Through our Community Impact Program, Meta facilitates volunteer opportunities for our employees to serve their communities. In addition, we provide charitable investments to nonprofit organizations that align with our mission and help advance work in at least one of the following areas:

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Personal & Family Empowerment
  • Educational Support
  • Disaster Relief


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