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02/03/2015: Poodle Vulnerability

A web vulnerability nicknamed "POODLE" has been spoken of recently in the news. MetaBank recommends updating your browsers and operating systems.

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04/21/2014: Heartbleed Bug

We have received several questions regarding the Heartbleed bug, which has impacted many websites. At this time, no MetaBank systems or websites have been impacted by this bug.

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10/09/2013: Trailcore Order Confirmation Phishing Activity

We have received numerous reports of a suspicious email that claims to come from a company called Trailcore. The email looks like an order confirmation, but every message reported has the exact same information listed in the order information. It is a phishing attempt. 

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10/09/2013: Fake USPS

We have received notification of an email that claims to come from the USPS regarding delivery issues. This is not a legitimate email. If you receive the message, do NOT click on the link. Please just delete the email.

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07/13/2013: MetaBank Website

IS Security has started to receive reports of a couple of different issues with pop‐ups appearing while customers are using the MetaBank website. The pop-up asks visitors to fill out a survey. This is NOT a legitimate part of our website.

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07/10/2013: Fake LexisNexis Email

We have received notice regarding an email that was sent out July 5 that claimed to come from LexisNexis. This email and the invoices within are not legitimate, did not come from LexisNexis and originated from outside its systems. LexisNexis systems and customer data remain secure and unaffected.

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07/10/2013: Fiserv Fraudulent/Phishing Activity

We have received the notification from Fiserv regarding fraudulent use of its name and/or brand in a phishing email scam. If opened, it could infect your computer or network. If you receive this email, do not open it or click on the email's links or attachments, and never reply to it. Delete if from all of your devices.

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